Administration Circular Lipis's District Council : Bill.1/08

Card Time Recorder In Lipis District Council

  • Card Time Recorder on arrival to the office and return home from the office . Time card should be punched by officers / staff themselves and no third party is allowed.

  • Lipis District Council obeying instructions given the administration decided as follows :

    • Officer / staff required to write in attendance book during arrival to office and punched card at the same time.

    • If officer / staff come late or go back early then will get red record in his/her card without valid reason by Superior Officer for 3 times, shall be given stern warning and card being converted to green card.

    • Green card mean the holder already face first disciplinary action. If had two (2) red record more without valid reason by Superior Officer, then be given final warning and card being converted to red card. If there were no red record in green card within one month period from date getting red remark on yellow or green, the green card will be converted to yellow card.


  • Beside monitoring of arrival and return from work, officer/staff also being reminded not to engage personal matter during working hours or taking too long time break. All movement in and out officer/staff need to be recorded in Movement Book Officer/Staff and jot down on 'white board' the movement officer/staff. Personal matters in office-hours should get permission fromSuperior Officer.

  • All officer/staff Lipis District Council are required to obey the order / rule stipulated any disciplinary action imposed on officer/staff  reflect Lipis District Council image and to improve efficiency and public service quality.


Guideline list used by Lipis District Council:-

  1. Housing Ministry and Local Government Guideline

  2. Guideline Landscape State Department Siri Jln / GP001/2001.

  3. Guideline and Planning Standards, Town & Country Planning Department.

  4. Treasury Guideline and Store Management Code.

  5. Turnover Guideline and Code 1995.

  6. Entertainment Methods 1996.

  7. Job Specification In Project [Specification] Malaysian Government.

  8. Treasury Order.

  9. SIRIM's Approval.

  10. Treasury Order.

  11. Security Order.

  12. Services Order.

  13. Term and Condition - License Requirement.

  14. Stall and Market Tenant Agreement.

  15. Guideline / Standard Planning Dumping site for Toxic and solid waste

  16. Guideline / Standard Global Development Planning

  17. Guideline / Standard Industrial Area Planning

  18. Guideline / Standard Planning Housing for Factory Workers.